CE Broker Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance Licensee CE Compliance Audits

Starting April, 2006, the Department of Health will begin to conduct 100% audits of Department licensee’s continuing education credits through the new continuing education compliance determination system (CE Broker). The Department currently audits 2% of health care licensee’s continuing education records and those licensees found lacking in their mandated CE requirements are sent to the appropriate regulatory Board for discipline. 

Under the new plan, the Department of Health will analyze the CE hours which are in CE Broker for 100% of the individual licensees. If a licensee does not have the required number and type of hours listed in CE Broker, the licensee’s record will be flagged and placed in a second audit pool. The second audit will then be performed by a vendor contracted with the Department of Health. The vendor will take the audit pool consisting of licensees who do not appear to have their mandated CE credits and randomly select 50% of those licensees for a complete audit over the next biennium. In short, 25% of the non-compliant licensees will be audited each year. If this second audit concludes that a licensee failed to get their CE credits for the preceding licensure period, that licensee’s name and information will be forwarded to the appropriate Board for discipline. 

Department of Health Continuing Education Compliance Determination System

1. What is CE Broker and why was it developed?

CE Broker is the name of an electronic tracking system developed for the Department of Health to help track and facilitate audits of continuing education (CE) credits earned by Florida’s health care practitioners. The Department of Health was mandated by law to implement an electronic tracking system.

2. How does CE Broker affect my license renewal?

CE Broker or the electronic tracking system has no effect on your ability to renew your license. 

3. If I, as a licensee, do not have the necessary CE credits reported in CE Broker to meet the CE requirements, will the licensee be disciplined?

If an audit (electronic) indicates you failed to meet your CE requirements, you will be referred for possible action against your license. This process includes an opportunity for you to submit, manually or electronically, proof of your compliance with the CE requirements and thus avoid further action against your license. Only if you cannot prove compliance with your CE requirements will you be subject to further action against your license. Discipline will be conducted according to the licensure rules which govern your profession.

4. Will my license be renewed if at time of renewal any or all of my required CE course credits have not been reported to CE Broker? 

Yes, your license will be renewed as compliance with your CE requirements is not linked to renewing your license and data in CE Broker is not used during renewal. 

5. How will the information in CE Broker be used by the Department of Health?

The information collected in CE Broker will allow for the enhanced auditing of licensees by verifying which licensees have completed their required CE hours, in accordance with the laws and rules governing their profession, by the last day of the licensure biennium. 

6. Can I self-submit a course completion report to CE Broker?

Yes, you may self-report course hours not otherwise reported, if allowed by your profession’s rules, by accessing the CE Broker website, at no cost.

7. When does the data in the electronic tracking system apply to me?

The tracking of data relating to your CE course credits begins with your first biennium licensure period after January 1, 2004.

8. Is my CE information in CE Broker a public record?


9. Must I subscribe to CE Broker?

Subscription with CE Broker is completely voluntary and is not required to self submit CE credits.

10. Will I be exposed to a greater risk of CE audit if I do not subscribe to CE Broker?

No, all licensees will be audited by the Department of Health approximately three months after renewal regardless of whether or not you subscribe.

11. Will a subscription to CE Broker affect the way I am currently regulated, audited, inspected, monitored or discipline by the Department of Health?

No, the Department of Health will have no knowledge of who subscribes or doesn’t subscribe to the services offered by CE Broker.

12. What advantages would I, as a licensee, gain by subscribing to CE Broker and paying the subscription fee?

A subscription with CE Broker gives you 24/7 online access to view your CE transcript and compliance determination, view your chronological course history, search for courses that fulfill the CE requirements for your profession including times and locations, view how a course will count towards meeting your CE requirements, provide notices and reminders for your CE requirements, and provide you access to frequently asked questions about your specific CE requirements. Please visit the CE Broker website at www.cebroker.com for more information on the advantages of subscribing.