Executive Council

  Thomas Berlin President, Chair
  Glenn Milano President-Elect
  Elizabeth M Mander Treasurer
  Leta Kelli Curtiss Secretary
  Sheryle A Barrett Senior Delegate
  Melanie McDonough Junior Delegate
  Hosea Moss Parliamentarian

Audit Committee

i. Complete audit of FSRC financial activites.
ii. Identify external audit options and possibly employ same

Budget Committee

i. Develop a budget aligned with strategic plan.
ii. Define a budget development process and implement a budge development manual.

Bylaws Committee

i. Submit updated Bylaws as approved by the BOD.
ii. Annual review of the Policy and Procedure manual
iii. Bylaw and Policy orientation/training for BOD members.

Professional Development

i. Develop onboarding orientation
ii.Develop a mentorship program

Strategic Planning

i. Develop a Strategic Plan for regional programs
ii.Facilitate alignment of Budget with Strategic Plan

Membership Council

Ambassador Program Committee

i. Initiate Ambassador Program
ii.Develop an Ambassador database
iii. Facilitate BOD/FSRC communication to Ambassadors

Elections and Nominations

i. Ensure nomination timeline is followed per policy
ii. Review/modify Candidate Information Form
iii. Ensure election timeline and postings are followed per policy
iv. Review of ballots to determine winners
v.Ensure notification of election results per policy


i. Annual audit of BOD per policy
ii.Review formal written complaints per policy
iii. Revise Rules of Order to improve meeting flow

Membership Committee
i. Grow membership by 10%
ii.Modify/streamline membership categories

Public Affairs Council


Historic Preservation

i. Maintain Past-President Database
ii.Document/Preservation of our Practice Act history

Legislative and PACT

i. Monitor legislation impacting respiratory therapists
ii.Monitor FL Board of Respiratory Care actions
iii. Develop/coordinate legislative days
iv. Communicate with the AARC and with FSRC membership
v.Work with AARC PACT per policy

Publications and Website

i. Increase social media presence
ii.Develop rules/guidelines for social media postings
iii. Synergize nomenclature between social media accounts
iv. Publish Quarterly Newsletter
v.Coordinate article submissions from other committees
vi. Conduct a website needs assessment
vii. Search for website/member management/marketing vendor
viii. Submit RFPs to Executive Office and BOD

Special Recognition

i. Seek and obtain special recognition per policy
ii.Apply for Summit Award
iii. Present qualified candidates to the BOD for the Dr. Ethel E. Johnson Memorial Scholarship award

Education Council

Annual Program Committee

i. Identify destination for 2018 and obtain RFPs
ii.Review RFPs
iii. Determine Budget with Executive Council and obtain BOD approval
iv. Establish Theme
v.Obtain speakers and vendors
vi. Coordinate Sputum Bowl

Regional Program Committee

i. Grow/Establish regional meeting destinations
ii.Develop support documents for Blitz's

Student Board of Directors

i. Develop Student BOD P&P
ii.Identify Student Leaders